√ Motorstar Zest 110 Price Philippines & Installment 2023

Today, we will be introducing the Motorstar Zest 110, a popular motorcycle model in the Philippines.

The motorcycle is equipped with a variety of convenient features, which makes it easy to use it for daily activities.

Whether you’re traveling to work or getting around the city, the Motorstar Zest 110 is a great choice for you who are looking for a reliable and stylish motorcycle.

Motorstar Zest 110 Overview

The Motorstar Zest 110 has a fuel-efficient 110cc engine and is equipped with convenient features such as a digital instrument panel and electric start.

The Zest X110 Motorstar is suitable for everyday commuting and is known for its smooth and light power, making it a comfortable driving experience.

In addition, it is supported by its sleek and modern design.

Variants and Colors

Motorstar Zest 110 Variants

There are several variants and color options available for the Motorstar Zest 110.


  • Standard
  • Deluxe

Color options:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Silver
  • White

It should be noted that the availability of certain variants and color options may vary depending on the region or dealer.

It is best to check with the nearest Motorstar dealer to find out the available variants and colors.

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Motorstar Zest 110 Design

Motorstar Zest 110 Design

The Motorstar Zest 110 is a stylish and modern motorcycle that is sure to hit the road.

It has a sleek and aerodynamic design, with a sporty and aggressive look that is characteristic of many modern motorcycles.

The front of the motorcycle has sharp, angular headlights, with a rectangular instrument panel on top that houses the speedometer.

The fuel tank has a muscular and contoured design, with sharp lines and folds that further give it a sporty look.

The rear of the motorcycle has a compact and sleek design, with single-piece seats and sleek taillights.

Motorstar Zest 110 Braking and Safety

Motorstar Zest 110 Braking

The Motorstar Zest 110 is equipped with a wide range of braking and safety features to ensure a safe and reliable ride.

At the front of the motorcycle, there are hydraulic disc brakes that provide strong and reliable braking performance.

The rear of the motorcycle is equipped with mechanical drum brakes that help stop the motorcycle.

Both the front and rear brakes are operated by hand levers on the handlebars, allowing the rider to easily use and control braking power.

In terms of safety, the Motorstar Zest 110 is equipped with a number of features to help keep motorists safe on the road.

It has a sturdy and durable body frame that helps absorb the impact of any potential accident.

Motorstar Zest 110 Ride and Handling

Motorstar Zest 110 Ride

The Motorstar Zest 110 is known for its smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its reliable suspension system and fuel-efficient engine.

The motorcycle is equipped with a telescopic fork suspension on the front and a twin-shock absorber suspension on the rear, which helps to absorb the impact of bumps and rough roads, providing a smooth and stable ride.

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The Motorstar Zest 110 is also equipped with a fuel-efficient 110cc engine that provides smooth and effortless power for a comfortable ride.

The engine is paired with a four-speed manual transmission, which allows the rider to easily control the power delivery of the motorcycle.

In terms of handling, the Motorstar Zest 110 is an agile and agile motorcycle that easily maneuvers through traffic or around tight corners.

It has a lightweight and compact design, which helps make it easy to drive on the streets.

The motorcycle is also equipped with a wide handlebar and a low seat height, which helps provide a comfortable and upright riding position, making it easy to ride for a long period of time.

Motorstar Zest 110 Features

Motorstar Zest 110 Features

Here are a few important features of the Motorstar Zest 110:

  • Fuel-efficient engin
  • Digital instrument panel
  • Electric start
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Wide handlebar

Motorstar Zest 110 Specifications

Here is a table of specifications for the Motorstar Zest 110:

Engine110cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled
Transmission4-speed manual (some variants may have an automatic transmission)
SuspensionFront: Telescopic fork; Rear: Twin-shock absorber
BrakesFront: Disc; Rear: Drum
Fuel tank capacity4.5 liters
Seat height740mm
TiresFront: 70/90-17; Rear: 80/90-17

Motorstar Zest 110 Price Philippines

You can buy a Motorstar Zest 110 at some Motorstar dealerships in PH.

The Motorstar Zest 110 has a starting price of PHP 38,000. It’s a bit more affordable than other types of Motorstar.

You can find promos that offer affordable down payments and monthly installments. Choose a scheme that fits your budget and budget to bring this bike to your garage.

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Pros and Cons

Here is a table of pros and cons for the Motorstar Zest 110:

Fuel-efficient engineLimited horsepower compared to larger displacement motorcycles
Sleek and modern designLimited storage space (no trunk or storage compartments)
Wide handlebar and low seat height for a comfortable riding positionMay not be suitable for long distance or high-speed travel
Reliable and efficient for daily commutingMay not be suitable for off-road or rough terrain
Affordable price pointLimited aftermarket customization options compared to other brands


What is the fuel consumption of MotorStar Zest 110?

The fuel consumption of the Motorstar Zest 110 will depend on a variety of factors, including the rider’s style, the terrain and road conditions, and the load on the motorcycle.
In general, motorcycles with smaller engines tend to have better fuel efficiency compared to those with larger engines, and the Motorstar Zest 110 is no exception.

Motorstar zest 110 can modified?

It is possible to modify a Motorstar Zest 110, but it is important to be aware of the risks and limitations of doing so. Modifying a motorcycle can potentially void the manufacturer’s warranty and may also affect the safety and reliability of the vehicle.
It is always a good idea to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of modifying a motorcycle before making any changes.

What is the top speed of MotorStar Zest 110 Standard?

According to Motorstar, the official top speed of the Motorstar Zest 110 Standard is approximately 90 kilometers per hour (km/h). However, it is worth noting that actual top speed may vary depending on the specific conditions of use. It is always a good idea to ride responsibly and within the limits of your motorcycle’s capabilities to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

How to setup Motorstar Zest 110?

Setting up a Motorstar Zest 110 typically involves preparing the motorcycle for use and performing some basic maintenance tasks. Here are some steps you can follow to set up your Motorstar Zest 110:
– Check the oil level
– Check the tire pressure
– Check the brake fluid level
– Adjust the suspension
– Check the lighting and signals

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