√ Motorstar Cafe 400 Price Philippines & Installment 2023

Motorstar Cafe 400 is a popular motorcycle model known for its stylish design and impressive performance.

This motorcycle is a type of Motorstar big bike 400cc, Cafe 400 can be the right choice for those of you who value shape and function.

In this time, we will share all the latest news and information about this interesting motorcycle, including reviews, technical specifications and much more.

Motorstar Cafe 400 Overview

The Motorstar Cafe 400 is a motorcycle that combines classic cafe racer styling with modern performance and technology.

I recently had the opportunity to test ride the Motorstar Cafe 400 and was really impressed with the motorcycle.

The 400cc engine provides plenty of power and torque, making it fun to drive on city roads and winding roads.

The handling is excellent, thanks to the lightweight design of the motorcycle and the responsive suspension.

One of the things I really enjoy about Cafe 400 is its retro-inspired design.

The long fuel tank, clip-on handlebars, and low profile give it a classic café racer look that really stands out on the road.

Variants and Colors

Motorstar Cafe 400 Variant

In terms of variants, the Motorstar 150 N only has one variant and two color that is grey and yellow.

Motorstar Cafe 400 Design

Motorstar Cafe 400 Design

This Motorstar Cafe 400 has a sleek and stylish design with a classic impression, with a low profile and a long fuel tank that gives it a vintage look.

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It also has clip-on handlebars, which is a common feature on café racer-style motorcycles and provides a sportier, forward-leaning riding position.

In terms of material, the Motorstar Cafe 400 is made of a combination of steel and aluminum, with plastic and rubber components used for certain parts such as fenders and foot pegs.

The motorcycle frame is made of high-strength steel, while the wheels and other parts may be made of aluminum to reduce weight and improve performance.

Motorstar Cafe 400 Braking and Safety

Motorstar Cafe 400 Braking

In terms of braking, the Motorstar Cafe 400 uses disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.

Disc brakes work by using calipers to press the brake pads against a rotating rotor, and produce friction that slows down the motorcycle.

The front wheels are usually equipped with larger rotors and brake calipers than the rear wheels, as they provide most of the braking force.

In terms of safety, the Motorstar Cafe 400 is likely to be equipped with various features with the aim of protecting the driver in the event of an accident.

These may include a sturdy frame and suspension system for absorbing impact energy, as well as a reinforced fuel tank to prevent fuel leakage in the event of a collision.

Motorcycles may also have features such as anti-lock brakes (ABS) to help prevent the wheels from locking during hard braking, as well as traction control to help maintain stability on slippery surfaces.

Motorstar Cafe 400 Ride and Handling

Motorstar Cafe 400 Ride

The ride and handling of a motorcycle are important considerations for riders, as they can greatly impact the overall riding experience.

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The Motorstar Cafe 400 is likely to offer a smooth and enjoyable ride, thanks to its well-engineered suspension and lightweight design.

The suspension system is designed to allow the wheels to move up and down independently of the rest of the motorcycle, which helps to absorb shock and reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to the rider.

In terms of handling, the Motorstar Cafe 400 will likely have a responsive and agile feel, thanks to its lightweight design and balanced chassis.

The motorcycle’s clip-on handlebars and sporty riding position give the rider a more engaged and engaged feeling while riding, while the smooth and powerful engine provides plenty of acceleration and torque.

Motorstar Cafe 400 Features

Motorstar Cafe 400 Features

There are likely to be many important features on the Motorstar Cafe 400 motorcycle that make it a popular choice for riders. Some of these features may include:

  • Digital instrument panel
  • LED lighting
  • Comfortable seat
  • Clip-on handlebars
  • Powerful engine
  • Disc brakes
  • Luggage rack or storage compartment
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Traction control
  • Suspension system

Motorstar Cafe 400 Specifications

Here is a table of specifications for the Motorstar Cafe 400 motorcycle:

Fuel Capacity13 liters
Wheel Base1420mm
Front Tire90/90-19
Rear Tire110/80-18
Seat Height790mm
Transmission TypeChain drive with 6 gears
Engine TypeSingle cylinder,185YMQ, oil-cooled, four-stroke
Weight150kg (dry)
Maximum Torque30/5500
Maximum Power20/7000
Front Brake SystemDisc
Rear Brake SystemDrum
Starting SystemKick/Electric
Displacement (CC)397.2cc

Motorstar Cafe 400 Price Philippines

You can buy Motorstar Cafe 400 at some Motorstar dealerships in PH.

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Motorstar 400cc Price Philippines has starting at PHP 140,000. This can be said to be affordable for the big bike type.

You can find promos that offer affordable down payments and monthly installments. Choose a scheme that fits your budget and budget to bring this bike to your garage.

Pros and Cons

Here is a table of pros and cons for the Motorstar Cafe 400 motorcycle:

Stylish and retro-inspired designMay not have the latest technology or advanced features
Smooth and powerful engineMay not be as fuel efficient as some other motorcycle models
Responsive and agile handlingMay not have the same level of comfort as some other bikes
Well-engineered suspension system for a smooth and comfortable rideMay not be as spacious as some other bikes for carrying luggage
Range of available colors and possibly limited edition modelsMay be more expensive than some other motorcycle models

In conclusion, the Motorstar Cafe 400 is a stylish and performance-oriented motorcycle that offers a great blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology.

With its smooth and powerful engine, agile handling, and comfortable ride, it is a popular choice for riders who value both form and function.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, the Motorstar Cafe 400 is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle.

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