√ 9+ Best Motorcycle Gloves Philippines 2023

When it comes to motorcycle riding, safety should always be a top priority. One essential safety gear for riders is a pair of reliable and high-quality motorcycle gloves.

These gloves not only provide protection for your hands but also enhance your grip and overall riding experience. In the Philippines, a country known for its vibrant motorcycle culture, finding the best motorcycle gloves is crucial.

In this article, we will present a comprehensive list of the top 10 motorcycle gloves available in the Philippines, catering to various riding styles and preferences.

1. Alpinestars SP-2 v2 Gloves


These gloves from Alpinestars are designed for riders who demand excellent protection and comfort.

The SP-2 v2 gloves feature a full-grain leather construction, carbon fiber knuckle protection, and reinforced palms for optimal abrasion resistance.

With their ergonomic design and touch-screen compatibility, these gloves offer a perfect blend of style and functionality.

2. Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves

dainese full

The Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves are crafted for riders seeking the ultimate level of protection.

These gloves incorporate carbon composite inserts, titanium knuckle protectors, and reinforced pinky finger sidewalls.

The full-grain leather construction, along with perforated panels, ensures excellent ventilation even during hot summer rides.

3. RST Tractech Evo Gloves

rst tractech

For riders who value both style and performance, the RST Tractech Evo Gloves are an ideal choice.

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These gloves feature a combination of cowhide leather and Maxtex fabric, offering durability and flexibility.

With carbon fiber knuckle protection and pre-curved fingers, they provide a comfortable and secure fit, making them suitable for riders with short fingers.

4. Held Phantom II Gloves

held phantom

The Held Phantom II Gloves excel in both comfort and protection. Constructed with kangaroo leather and Pittards WR100X leather, these gloves offer exceptional tactile feedback and durability.

The hard plastic knuckle protection, SuperFabric reinforcements, and Schoeller Keprotec inserts enhance their safety features.

The unlined construction makes them ideal for warm weather riding.

5. Racer High Speed Gloves

Racel high

Designed for sportbike riders, the Racer High Speed Gloves deliver outstanding performance and protection.

These gloves are made from goatskin leather and feature carbon fiber knuckle protection and TPU finger sliders.

The Kevlar stitching and reinforced palms ensure durability and abrasion resistance. The pre-curved fingers and adjustable closure system provide a comfortable and secure fit.

6. Spidi Carbo 4 Coupé Gloves


The Spidi Carbo 4 Coupé Gloves are a blend of style, comfort, and safety. Made from full-grain cowhide leather, these gloves offer excellent abrasion resistance.

The carbon fiber knuckle protection, Keramide reinforcements, and Clarino microfiber inserts enhance their protective capabilities.

The adjustable wrist closure and accordion stretch panels provide a customizable fit.

7. Knox Handroid Gloves

knox handroid

The Knox Handroid Gloves are known for their innovative design and superior protection.

Featuring an exoskeleton system with an exo-skeletal flexible finger spines and metacarpal protection, these gloves offer unparalleled impact resistance.

The bovine leather construction and kangaroo leather palm ensure durability and abrasion resistance.

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The patented Dual Compound Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) prevents fractures.

8. Ixon RS Grip HP Gloves

The Ixon RS Grip HP Gloves are specifically designed for summer riding. Constructed with perforated cowhide leather, these gloves offer excellent ventilation and airflow.

The carbon fiber knuckle protection, reinforced palms, and stretch panels enhance their protective features.

The touchscreen-compatible fingertips and ergonomic design make them practical and comfortable for long rides.

9. Rev’it! Sand 3 Gloves


The Rev’it! Sand 3 Gloves are designed for adventure and touring riders. These gloves are made from durable yet flexible PWR|shell fabric and goatskin leather.

The TPR knuckle protection and Temperfoam palm sliders provide impact resistance, while the connect fingertips allow touchscreen use.

The integrated stretch panels and adjustable closure system ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

10. Five RFX1 Replica Gloves

five rfx

For riders who appreciate a stylish and race-inspired design, the Five RFX1 Replica Gloves are a top choice.

These gloves feature a full-grain cowhide construction with carbon fiber knuckle protection and TPU finger sliders.

The palm is reinforced with Pittards leather, providing excellent grip and abrasion resistance. The pre-curved fingers and Velcro wrist closure offer a precise fit.

When it comes to motorcycle gloves, prioritizing safety and comfort is essential.

The Philippines offers a wide range of options for riders, catering to different riding styles and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for gloves for summer riding, short fingers, or general motorcycle use, the market offers high-quality options that combine style, protection, and functionality.

Investing in a reliable pair of motorcycle gloves will undoubtedly enhance your riding experience and provide peace of mind on the road.

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