Center Stand Motorcycle: How It Differs from the Side Stand

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation for many riders around the world.

When it comes to parking and stability, two main options are available: the center stand and the side stand.

Both serve their purpose, but they have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will explore the differences between center stands and side stands, their pros and cons, and when it is appropriate to use each.

When to Use a Center Stand and When to Use a Side Stand

Knowing when to use a center stand or a side stand is crucial for motorcycle owners. Here are some guidelines:

Center Stand

centre stand 1

Use the stand when parking on soft or uneven surfaces to ensure maximum stability.

Utilize the center stand for performing maintenance tasks or storing the motorcycle for an extended period.

When leaving the motorcycle unattended in a public area, using the center stand provides added security.

Side Stand

side stand 1

Use the side stand for quick stops or parking situations where stability is not a major concern.

Deploy the side stand when the ground is level and stable, such as on paved surfaces.

Side stands are suitable for temporary parking or short breaks during rides.

Pros and Conns use Centre Stand

Provides excellent stabilityAdds weight to the motorcycle
Facilitates maintenance tasksMore mechanically complex
Offers additional securityChallenging deployment for some riders
Limited ground clearance in certain cases

Pros and Conns use Side Stand

Convenient and easy to useMay not provide the same stability as a center stand
Compact and lightweightLimited access for maintenance tasks
Does not interfere with ground clearanceIncreased security risks
More susceptible to accidental tip-overs


Both centers stands and side stands have their advantages and disadvantages, and choosing between them depends on various factors such as stability requirements, maintenance needs, and parking conditions.

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While the center-stands offer superior stability and convenience for maintenance, the side stand provides greater ease of use and compactness.

Understanding the differences between these two options allows motorcycle riders to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and situations.


Is Center Stand Better Than Side Stand?

The preference for a center stand or side stand depends on personal preference and specific needs.

Its offers better stability and facilitate maintenance tasks, while side stands are more compact and easier to deploy.

The choice ultimately depends on individual priorities and the intended usage of the motorcycle.

Are Center Stands Worth It?

The stands can be worth it for motorcycle owners who prioritize stability, convenient maintenance, and added security.

They provide superior stability when parking, ease access for maintenance tasks, and offer an extra layer of security.

However, consider the potential drawbacks such as added weight and reduced ground clearance.

Assess your needs and preferences before deciding if a center stand is worth it for you.

Should You Store a Motorcycle on Center Stand?

Storing a motorcycle on a stand is recommended for long-term storage or extended periods of inactivity.

It provides stability, even weight distribution, easy maintenance access, and saves space. However, ensure the ground surface is stable and consider additional security measures.

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