√ Kickstart VS Electric Start, Which is Better to Choose?

Motorcycles have long been a symbol of freedom and adventure, captivating riders with their powerful engines and exhilarating rides.

When it comes to starting a motorcycle, riders have the option to choose between a traditional kickstart or a modern electric start.

In this article, we will explore the workings of both kickstart and electric start systems, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and provide some useful tips for kickstarting a motorcycle.

How a Kickstart Works

How a Kickstart Works motorcycle

The kickstart system is a mechanical mechanism that relies on the rider’s physical force to start the engine.

When the rider forcefully kicks down on the kickstart lever, it rotates the engine’s crankshaft, initiating the combustion process and allowing the engine to come to life.

The kickstart mechanism is typically connected to the engine’s primary drive, enabling the transfer of rotational force to the engine.

How an Electric Start Works

How an Electric Start Works motorcycle

In contrast to the physical exertion required for kickstarting, an electric start system utilizes an electric motor to initiate the engine’s ignition.

When the rider activates the electric start button, an electric current is sent to the starter motor, which engages with the engine’s flywheel.

The flywheel’s rotation starts the engine, allowing it to run independently. Electric start systems are powered by a motorcycle’s battery and require minimal effort from the rider.

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Simple Tips to Easily Kickstart a Motorcycle

Simple Tips to Easily Kickstart a Motorcycle

Ensure Proper Technique: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for kickstarting your motorcycle to minimize the risk of kickback.

Check Fuel and Ignition: Before attempting to kickstart, ensure that the motorcycle has an adequate fuel supply and the ignition system is functioning properly.

Pros and Cons Kickstarting Motorcycle

Simplicity: Relies on mechanical componentsPhysical Effort: Can be physically demanding
Lightweight: Contributes to overall weight reductionKickback Risk: Improper technique can cause injuries
Reliability: Less susceptible to electrical or battery issuesChallenging in Certain Conditions: Cold weather or high altitudes

Pros and Cons Electric Start

Convenient and effortless starting processAdditional weight and complexity to the bike
Eliminates the need for kick-startingDependency on electrical components
Suitable for riders of all skill levelsHigher cost compared to bikes with kick-starters
Reduces physical strain on the riderPossibility of battery drain or failure
Quick and reliable startingLimited availability on certain motorcycle models
Enhances usability in various weather conditions


Is Electric Start or Kick Start Better?

The choice between electric start and kick start depends on personal preference and needs.

Electric start offers convenience but relies on a battery. Kick start is simpler but requires physical effort.

Choose based on convenience and personal preference.

How To Kick Start Motorcycle?

Motorcycle Kick Starter Problems?

Common Motorcycle Kick Starter Problems:
Kick start not engaging: Check and replace damaged kick start mechanism.

Kick start lever getting stuck: Clean and lubricate the mechanism or seek professional help.

Kickback or lever rebounding: Use proper technique and avoid excessive force.

Weak or ineffective kick start: Replace worn-out kick start spring and test engine compression.

Difficult kick starting in cold weather: Use lower viscosity oil and ensure a fully charged battery.
For persistent issues, consult a mechanic.

Both kickstart and electric start systems offer distinct advantages and disadvantages for motorcycle riders.

Kickstarting relies on the rider’s physical force and mechanical components, providing simplicity and reliability in certain situations.

However, it requires physical effort and carries a risk of kickback. On the other hand, electric start systems offer convenience, all-weather performance, and user-friendliness, but they rely on a functioning battery and can add weight and complexity to the motorcycle.

When it comes to kickstarting a motorcycle, it is crucial to follow proper technique to minimize the risk of kickback.

Additionally, checking the fuel supply and ignition system before kickstarting ensures a smooth starting process.

Ultimately, the choice between kickstart and electric start depends on personal preference, riding conditions, and individual needs.

Consider the pros and cons discussed in this review to make an informed decision that suits your riding style and requirements.

Whether you prefer the classic charm of kickstarting or the modern ease of electric start, both options can provide an exhilarating riding experience on your motorcycle.

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