√ Honda Airblade 150 Price Philippines and Installment 2023

A sporty scooter in the Philippines that gained attention recently is Airblade 150 from Honda.

The Honda Airblade 150 price is quite expensive in a scooter class, but it’s pretty reasonable since the style is modern and well-equipped.

Here is some information about this sporty-looking scooter.

Airblade 150 Overview

Variants and colors

Airblade 150 Colors

The variant of Airblade 150 is single and it is a basic variant. The higher specification is only from the latest model from time to time.

There are three colors available for the new edition that Honda launches in 2020, such as:

  • Matte galaxy black metallic
  • Candy caribbean blue sea
  • Candy rosy red

Airblade 150 design

Airblade 150 Design

The design of this motorcycle is a scooter, so it is a perfect vehicle to have for a daily commute but not an adventurous one.

The engine is 150cc, yet only automatic transmission is available. It is slim but is not as slim as its sibling Beat. The dimensions are nice to have a long ride.

The tires of this motorcycle use 14” with 90/80 for the front and 100/80 for the rear.

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The front part of the scooter is sharp and it’s pretty good for handling even for a beginner.

The panels on the side have a curvy look to increase the look. It’s more stylish than before.

Airblade 150 braking & safety

Airblade 150 Braking

Honda uses a new style of braking system where the front and rear have different types. The front system is a hydraulic disc with ABS.

Meanwhile, the rear system is mechanical leading trailing. The braking system is the latest style of Honda is a big improvement to increase the precision.

Airblade 150 ride & handling

Airblade 150 Ride

If you are into a top-speed rider, you can use this scooter since the handling is very excellent.

The scooter can accelerate well and fast without any lags experience.

The bumpy road is not a problem at all and your experience on a highway will be fun.

Honda Airblade 150 Features

  • Display Screen
  • Tripmeter
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Pass Switch
  • ABS
  • Engine Check Warning
  • Anti-Theft Alarm

Honda Airblade 150 Specifications

Engine Size 157 cc
Engine Type 4-Stroke, DOHC, Liquid-Cooled
Number of Cylinder 1
Number of Valve 4
Transmission Automatic
Max Power 15 hp
Max Torque 14.6 Nm
0-100 (km/h)
Top Speed
Fuel Economy
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 8 L
Length 1919 mm
Width 679 mm
Height 1062 mm
Wheelbase 1313 mm
Kerb Weight 113 kg
Dry Weight
Seat Height 773 mm
Ground Clearance 139 mm
Front Suspension Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Swingarm with two shocks
Wheels & Brakes
Front Wheel Size 14 in
Rear Wheel Size 14 in
Front Tires 90/80
Rear Tires 100/80
Front Brakes Single Disc
Rear Brakes Drum
Fuel Supply System Fuel injected
LED Tail Light Yes
LED Head Light Yes
LED Indicator Light Yes
Pass Switch Yes
Low Fuel Indicator Yes
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Honda Airblade 150 Price Philippines

The Honda Airblade 150 price is PHP109,000. It is not cheap, but it is not too expensive for a scooter.

At this price, you can get a motorcycle that can help you to do some errands easily and without hassle.

Check the dealers and bank for downpayment and monthly installment information.

Honda Airblade 150 Pros and Cons



Even though the ABS is not for the two tries, at least the front one uses this system.

It is worth your money since it’s hard to find a scooter with ABS and sold at a pretty cheap price in the Philippines market.

Powerful performance

The performance of this scooter is something you can be proud of. The engine is a 4-stroke SOHC with liquid cooling.

The horsepower from the engine is about 9.6 HP and the maximum torque is 13.3 Nm. It is very powerful for a motorcycle in a scooter class.


Small tire

Airblade 150 is a sporty vehicle, but unfortunately, the tire size is small. It is only 14”. For a sporty motorcycle, it could have been bigger to support a better experience, especially on a rough surface.


The weight of this scooter is 113kg. It’s pretty heavy for a scooter, especially for a beginner rider when they are about to maneuver.


How much is Honda Airblade in Philippines?

Is Honda Airblade worth buying?

If you like a sporty scooter, then this scooter is one of the best choices. The features from safety, lighting, and braking systems are optimized in the latest model. The fuel consumption is very efficient.

What is the price of Honda Airblade 150?

The price of the Honda Airblade 150 is PHP109,000. The price will be different depending on the dealers and banks you’re taking the motorcycle to.

Is Airblade automatic?

Yes. Airblade 150 is already an automatic transmission with a 150cc engine. So, before you are buying this scooter, you have to make sure that you can ride an automatic motorcycle.

Honda Airblade 150 price is not as expensive as expected. With only PHP 100k, you can get a motorcycle that looks modern and sporty.

The premium features are the things you can’t ignore. It helps you to be confident on a city road and helps your errands on any surface

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