√ Honda Genio Price Philippines, Specs & Installment 2023

Honda is a famous manufacturer. Many people in Asian countries are using Honda scooters as their daily vehicle.

In the Philippines, many people want to know about the Honda Genio price and specifications.

If you are one of them, everything about Honda Genio is available below.

Honda Genio Overview

Genio is one of the classic street scooters from Honda. This scooter has sleek graphics as well as many practical features.

Those features and graphics, like the accessories, fuel consumption, seat height, customized, and other features, make Genio an excellent choice for those who need a bike in the city.

Variants and Colors

Honda Genio Colors

There is only one variant of the Honda Genio available.

Before checking the details about the Honda Genio price and installment, you need to know how many color options are available.

There are two color choices available: red with some white and blue with some touches of white.

Honda Genio Design

Honda Genio Design

Genio is Honda’s entry-level scooter.

This scooter has Thailook, 110 engine, and striking graphics on its body. Speaking about the scooter’s decals, the Thai concept is visible.

The scooter has an LED headlight, a digital gauge, a comfortable inner rack, and even a power outlet.

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Honda Genio Braking & Safety

Honda Genio Braking

The braking of this scooter offers much better performance, unlike its competitor. It is because of the front part’s disc brakes and also the rear part’s drum units.

The scooter’s safety is now much better with an anti-lock braking system or ABS. This setup will prevent the front wheel from locking up suddenly.

Honda Genio Ride & Handling

Honda Genio Ride

Another thing to learn before checking the Honda Genio price is the handling of the scooter.

This scooter comes with a telescopic suspension modified set up at its front.

The rear side of the scooter gets a mono-shock that will absorb small bumps while offering a smoother ride quality.

This scooter is easy to control, even by female drivers.

It is because the weight of Genio is just 89 kg. This is an ideal dimension for female riders.

Honda Genio Features

  • Modern LED Headlight
  • Digital Meter Panel
  • Power Outlet
  • Spacious Inner Black
  • Secured Key Shutter
  • Park Brake Lock
  • Stylish Tail Light
  • Stylish Decals
  • Stylish Muffler and Pillion Step
  • Tubeless Tires and Front Disc Brake

Honda Genio Specifications

Engine Type 4-stroke, Air-cooled, Single Overhead Cam (SOHC)
Ignition System Full Transistorized
Tire Size (Front) 80/90 – 14MC
Overall Dimensions: L x W x H 1,869 x 692 x 1,061 (mm)
Ground Clearance 147 mm
Battery Type 12V 3 Ah MF-Wet
Displacement 110 cc
Brake Type (Front) Hydraulic Disc Brake
Tire Size (Rear) 90/90 – 14MC
Curb Weight 89 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2 L
Engine Oil Capacity 0.8 L
Starting System ACG Starter
Brake Type (Rear) Mechanical Leading Trailing
Wheel Type Cast
Seat Height 740 mm
Fuel System PGM-Fi
Gear Shift Pattern N/A
Price ₱72,900
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Honda Genio Price Philippines

Now that you know the other details of this scooter, you are ready for the price of Genio.

The latest price of this scooter is PHP72,900.

This price is for you who want to buy the scooter in cash. If you prefer an installment, the down payment you should pay will be PHP14,600.

After paying the down payment, you should also pay the installment.

With the down payment above, the installment will be PHP1,250 per month and it will finish in 60 months.

Honda Genio Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Good fuel economy Low build quality
Refined motor  
More comfortable ergonomics  


Many people who are planning to purchase this modif Vespa version have some questions about Genio.

You get enough information about the Honda Genio price and the other details of the scooter.

But you also need to find some other information below before purchasing the latest Genio by Honda.

Is Honda Genio automatic?

Honda designs this Genio scooter with an adorable design.
The manufacturer equips the vehicle with a CVT transmission.
This means Honda Genio is an automatic scooter and is an excellent 2-seater option for female riders in the Philippines.

How much is the downpayment on a Honda Genio?

The down payment for this scooter may vary, depending on the city you live.
However, the average down payment for this Genio starts from PHP14,600. With this down payment, the monthly payment will be PHP1,250.

Is Honda Genio good for beginners?

Honda Genio is a nice introductory scooter, particularly for female riders and also first-time riders who want to enjoy the comfort and freedom of the open Philippines roads.
However, you need to practice a lot before you can finally hit the main road with any motorcycle.

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How many ccs is Honda Genio?

Honda Genio is a 110cc scooter. The 110cc engine in this scooter will produce maximum power up to 8.85horsepower.
Genio has two start options: kick start and petrol-electric. Those options will ease female riders and young riders in the country.

Knowing the Honda Genio price will be useless if you have no information about the scooter’s specifications and details.

The information above will let you know everything about the scooter. Use all information above to compare Genio with another scooter from the competitor.

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