√ 11 Best Hand Grip For Motorcycle Philippines 2023

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but it can also be physically demanding.

One crucial aspect of motorcycle riding is the hand grip, as it directly affects your control, comfort, and overall riding experience.

In this article, we will explore the 11 best hand grips for motorcycles available in the market today.

From enhanced grip and vibration reduction to durability and style, these hand grips have been carefully selected to cater to the diverse needs of riders.

1. ProGrip 714 Dual Density MX Grips

ProGrip 714 Dual Density MX Grips motorcycle

ProGrip 714 Dual Density MX Grips offer an excellent balance between comfort and control.

The dual-density design provides a soft outer layer for reduced vibration and fatigue, while the firm inner core ensures a secure grip.

These grips are popular among motocross riders for their durability and superior traction.

2. Renthal Dual Compound Grips

Renthal Dual Compound Grips motorcycle

Renthal Dual Compound Grips combine durability and comfort with their unique blend of firm and soft compounds.

The firm inner sleeve provides stability and precise control, while the softer outer layer enhances comfort and reduces vibrations. These grips are favored by off-road and street riders alike.

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3. ODI Rogue MX Grips

ODI Rogue MX Grips motorcycle

ODI Rogue MX Grips are renowned for their rugged construction and excellent shock absorption.

The large raised pads and deep grooves deliver exceptional grip and allow for better airflow.

These grips are perfect for riders who frequently encounter rough terrains or enjoy aggressive off-road riding.

4. Kuryakyn ISO Grips

Kuryakyn ISO Grips motorcycle

Kuryakyn ISO Grips are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. The unique vibration-dampening rubber inserts help reduce hand fatigue on long rides, making them ideal for touring enthusiasts.

Additionally, the stylish chrome accents add a touch of sophistication to your motorcycle’s handlebars.

5. Grab On Grips Grip Covers

Grab On Grips Grip Covers motorcycle

If you prefer to keep your stock grips but desire added comfort, Grab On Grips Grip Covers are an excellent choice.

These slip-on covers are made from a soft, cushioned material that absorbs vibrations and provides a more ergonomic grip. They are easy to install and fit most standard motorcycle grips.

6. Avon Air Cushioned Grips

Avon Air Cushioned Grips motorcycle

Avon Air Cushioned Grips are engineered to minimize hand and arm fatigue by utilizing an air cushioning system.

The strategically placed air pockets reduce vibrations, making long rides more enjoyable.

These grips are available in various styles and sizes to suit different motorcycle models.

7. Rizoma Sport Line Universal Grips

Rizoma Sport Line Universal Grips motorcycle

Rizoma Sport Line Universal Grips combine performance and aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality materials, these grips offer excellent grip and control.

The innovative design and sleek appearance make them a popular choice among riders seeking both functionality and style.

9. Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure Heated Grips

Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure Heated Grips motorcycle

Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure Heated Grips provide warmth during colder rides.

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These grips feature integrated heating elements with multiple heat settings, ensuring your hands stay cozy and nimble.

They are designed for adventure riders who brave harsh weather conditions.

10. Biltwell Recoil Grips

Biltwell Recoil Grips motorcycle

Biltwell Recoil Grips are known for theiraggressive and rugged design. Constructed from durable thermoplastic rubber, these grips offer excellent shock absorption and grip.

They are available in various colors and provide a unique aesthetic appeal to your motorcycle’s handlebars.

11. Kuryakyn ISO-Flame Grips

Kuryakyn ISO Flame Grips motorcycle

Kuryakyn ISO-Flame Grips combine comfort, style, and vibration reduction. The ISO-Flame pattern offers a unique flame-inspired design, while the vibration-dampening rubber inserts minimize hand fatigue.

These grips are a popular choice among cruiser riders looking to enhance both their comfort and bike’s appearance.

Renthal Tapered Dual Compound Grips

Renthal Tapered Dual Compound Grips are designed to provide maximum control and durability.

The tapered outer design improves hand positioning and grip, while the dual compound construction offers a balance of comfort and longevity.

These grips are favored by professional riders across different disciplines.


How To Choose a Motorcycle Grip?

When choosing a motorcycle grip, consider the grip material, size, ergonomics, vibration dampening, style, installation, and budget to ensure a comfortable and controlled ride.

Do Motorcycle Grips Make a Difference?

Yes, motorcycle grips make a difference in terms of comfort, control, vibration reduction, grip, and style.

They enhance your riding experience by providing a comfortable grip, better control, reduced vibrations, improved traction, and the opportunity to personalize your bike’s appearance.

Are Motorcycle Grips Worth It?

Yes, motorcycle grips are definitely worth it. They provide comfort, control, vibration reduction, and safety while also allowing you to personalize the appearance of your bike.

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Investing in quality motorcycle grips enhances your riding experience and is a worthwhile decision.

Selecting the right hand grips for your motorcycle can greatly enhance your riding experience.

Whether you prioritize comfort, control, vibration reduction, or style, the 11 hand grips mentioned in this article offer a range of options to suit your preferences.

Remember to consider factors such as grip material, vibration-dampening features, and ergonomic design when choosing the best hand grips for your motorcycle.

With the right hand grips, you can ride with confidence, comfort, and style.

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