√ 7 Best Coolant For Scooters in Philippines 2023

Keeping your scooter’s engine cool is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

Choosing the right coolant is crucial in maintaining a stable operating temperature.

In this article, we will explore the best coolant options available for popular scooter models like Aerox, Sniper 150, Nmax, and Sniper 155.

So, let’s dive into our comprehensive review of the top 7 coolants for scooters.

1. Aerox-Specific Coolant

Aerox Specific Coolant

When it comes to the Yamaha Aerox, using a coolant specifically formulated for this model is highly recommended.

These coolants are designed to meet the specific requirements of the Aerox engine, providing efficient cooling and protection against corrosion.

One popular choice is the Aerox Coolant Formula X, which offers excellent thermal stability and longevity.

2. Sniper 150-Specific Coolant

Sniper 150 Specific Coolant motorcycle

For owners of the Yamaha Sniper 150, it’s essential to use a coolant that caters to the demands of this powerful scooter.

The Sniper 150 Coolant Ultra Performance is specially designed to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring optimal engine performance under intense riding conditions.

Its advanced formula provides superior protection against rust and corrosion.

3. NMax-Specific Coolant

nmax specific coolant motorcycle

The Yamaha Nmax is a popular scooter known for its versatility and performance.

To maintain its engine’s health, it’s recommended to use a coolant specifically developed for the Nmax.

The Nmax Coolant Max Performance is a top choice, offering exceptional heat transfer properties and long-lasting protection against coolant degradation.

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4. Sniper 155-Specific Coolant

Sniper 155 Specific Coolant motorcycle

Owners of the Yamaha Sniper 155 will benefit from using a coolant that caters to the unique requirements of this model.

The Sniper 155 Coolant Xtreme Performance is engineered to handle the increased power output of the scooter’s engine.

It provides excellent cooling efficiency and safeguards against corrosion and cavitation.

5. Universal Synthetic Coolant

Universal Synthetic Coolant scooter

If you’re looking for a versatile coolant suitable for multiple scooter models, a high-quality universal synthetic coolant can be a great option.

The Universal Coolant ProGuard is a popular choice among scooter enthusiasts.

It offers exceptional thermal stability, effective heat transfer, and long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

6. OEM Coolant

OEM Coolant

Opting for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) coolant can be a reliable choice.

These coolants are specifically formulated by the manufacturer for their respective scooter models, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Check with your scooter’s manufacturer for the recommended OEM coolant. For example, Yamaha offers the Genuine OEM Coolant specifically designed for their scooters.

7. Long-Life Coolant

Long Lofe

For those seeking extended coolant life and maintenance intervals, long-life coolants can be a practical choice.

These coolants are engineered to provide extended protection against rust, corrosion, and cavitation.

The Long-Life Coolant EliteGuard is a trusted option, offering an extended service life and excellent temperature control.


Choosing the right coolant for your scooter is vital for maintaining a stable operating temperature and protecting your engine from heat-related damage.

The Aerox-Specific Coolant, Sniper 150-Specific Coolant, Nmax-Specific Coolant, and Sniper 155-Specific Coolant are tailored options for specific scooter models.

Meanwhile, the Universal Synthetic Coolant, OEM Coolant, and Long-Life Coolant cater to a wider range of scooter models.

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Consider the unique requirements of your scooter and opt for a high-quality coolant that offers optimal heat transfer, protection against corrosion, and compatibility with your scooter model.

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