√ 7 Best Motorcycle 200cc in Philippines

A motorcycle with a 200-250cc engine can be the right choice for you.

This bike can be one of the best options considering the power potential is large enough but not too big to penetrate the density of the highway.

In the Philippines itself, motors in this segment are available in various brands and types. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, including in the energy section.

On this occasion, we will discuss the best 200cc bikes in the Philippines. For more details, just look at this article.

1. KTM RC200


KTM RC200 Specifications

Machine 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine, liquid cooled
Maximum Power 19 kW (25 hp)
Maximum Tosi 19 Nm/8.000 rpm
Ignition System Contactless, Controlled, Fully Electronic Ignition System With Digital Ignition Timing Adjustment
Tank Capacity 10 Liters
Transmission 6-speed, Claw shifted
Dimension 1.340 x 820 x 178.5 mm
weight 137.5 kg
Engine Lubrication Wet sump
Clutch Type Clutch in oil bath/mechanically operated
Price ₱ 228.937,57

This bike is sold globally including in the Philippines, because KTM does not have a 150cc sports bike line up, sometimes this Indian-made bike is made head-to-head with Yamaha R15 etc.

This bike has a charming design that will make you more confident when driving.

2. Yamaha NMAX

Yamaha All New Nmax

Yamaha NMAX Specifications

Machine Liquid-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC
Maximum Power 20,87 hp
Maximum Tosi 25,7 Nm/5.700 rpm
Ignition System Fuel injection
Tank Capacity 6.6 Liters
Transmission V-belt Automatic
Dimension 1.995 x 740 x 1.115 mm
weight 127 kg
Engine Lubrication Electric Starter
Clutch Type Dry, Centrifugal Automatic
Price ₱ 115.645,48

The appearance is much more futuristic than the previous generation, it can be seen from the front which is equipped with LED lights, and the middle deck which in addition to being equipped with an electric power socket to charge gadgets from the driver himself.

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Meanwhile in the cockpit is installed a multifunction full digital speedometer where inside there is a Y-Connect Apps indicator, message & phone, TCS, VVA, and engine temperature.

Yamaha Nmax price Philippines itself can be said to be quite competitive with other motorcycles, which is ₱ 115,645.48.

3. Honda PCX

Honda PCX 160

Honda PCX 160 Specifications

Machine 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, eSP+
Maximum Power 16 PS / 8.500 rpm
Maximum Tosi 14,7 Nm / 6.500 rpm
Ignition System PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Tank Capacity 8.1 Liters
Transmission Automatic. V-Matic
Dimension 1.936 x 742 x 1.108 mm
weight 131 kg
Engine Lubrication Electric Starter
Clutch Type Dry, Centrifugal Automatic
Price ₱ 150.330,17

Besides the body, the latest name affix from Honda PCX shows that this scooter has significant changes in the performance sector, and of course, there are many improvements on various sides.

Whether it’s the engine cubication or the latest technology applied by Honda to its latest scooter, which makes is not only concerned with appearance but will later make users feel more powerful power.

Speaking of safety, automotive friends do not need to doubt this Japanese automotive brand, because in its appearance.

Honda PCX 160 besides being present in 3 variants, each variant is equipped with dual disc brakes, then presented in two options, some are equipped with TriplePots Hydraulic on the CBS type, and two of them equip themselves with ABS technology (Anti Lock Braking System).

4. Kymco KRV 180

Kymco KRV 180

Kymco KRV 180 Specifications

Machine water-cooled four-stroke OHC 4V single cylinder
Maximum Power 17,03 PS / 8000 rpm
Maximum Tosi 1,58 kgm/ 6500 rpm
Ignition System Fuel Injection
Tank Capacity 7.2 Liters
Transmission Power Transmission Matrix
Dimension 1.960 x 755 x 1.115 mm
weight 133.5 kg
Engine Lubrication Electric Starter
Velg Alloy, Ban Tubeless
Price ₱ 200.620,16
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Appearance is the most important thing that is most highlighted in this Kymco KRV 180, where besides the body, the legs sector is also very clearly noticed by Kymco.

Evidently, on the back, the manufacturer who has the name Kwang Ltd aka KYMCO applies the gambot look, which is maximized with 13 ring wheels plus wide tread tires.

Its good-looking design cannot be separated from the role of the legs – the gambot legs it carries, where Kymco combines the standard telescopic suspense on the front line, and the rear using a swingarm accompanied by a horizontal suspension of backlinks.

This not only makes it look luxurious but makes it more stable whether it is in straight road conditions or when the driver maneuvers in corners.

5. Kawasaki W250 SE

Kawasaki W250 SE

Kawasaki W250 SE Specifications

Machine water-cooled four-stroke single, SOHC 2 valve
Maximum Power 18 PS / 7,500 rpm
Maximum Tosi 18 N.m / 5,500 rpm
Ignition System Injection
Tank Capacity 13 Liters
Transmission 5 – Speed
Dimension 2.075 x 755 x 1.055 mm
weight 161 kg
Engine Lubrication Electric Starter
Clutch Type Wet Type Multi-plate
Price ₱ 293.243,38

A classic retro motorcycle made by Kawasaki, a unique design with tough and reliable motorcycle specifications on every terrain.

The Kawasaki W250 SE is the latest version of the classic Kawasaki W250 bike. This bike is indeed quite interesting and quite classic if we look at it in terms of the appearance of the bike.

The performance of this bike, there is no doubt about it, because this Kawasaki W250 SE motorcycle has carried a 4-stroke motorcycle engine with a maximum capacity of 250cc.

This motor has a bore and stroke diameter, each of which is 66.0 x 73.0 mm in diameter with an engine compression ratio of 9.0: 1. With this, this Kawasaki W250 SE motorcycle is able to produce a maximum power of 18 PS / 7,500 rpm.

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6. Yamaha YZF R25

Yamaha MT-15

Yamaha R25 Specifications

Machine 4 steps, 8 Liquid-cooled DOHC Valves
Maximum Power 26,5 kW / 12000 rpm
Maximum Tosi 23.6Nm /10000 rpm
Ignition System Fuel Injection System
Tank Capacity 14 Liters
Transmission 6-speed return
Dimension 2.090 x 720 x 1.135 mm
weight 166 kg
Engine Lubrication Electric Starter
Spark Plug Type NGK/CR9E
Price ₱ 227.782,97

The Yamaha R25 was first introduced in Indonesia in 2014. This bike is predicted to be the main challenger to the Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI which has dominated the 250cc sports motorcycle market in Indonesia since then.

The performance of the R25 motorcycle is indeed one level above the Ninja 250 FI, but when compared to the latest generation ninja 250, the performance is far inferior.

Within 4 years of its launch, sales of the Yamaha R25 have not been able to match the sports bike of its class.

Well in 2018, Yamaha launched the latest generation R25 which carries some changes in terms of design, legs, and the addition of several features.

7. Yamaha MT-15

Yamaha MT-15

Yamaha MT-15 Specifications

Machine Liquid Cooled, 4-stroke Single Cylinder SOHC
Maximum Power 19.3 / 10000rpm
Maximum Tosi 14.7 / 8500rpm
Ignition System Fuel Injection System
Tank Capacity 10.4 Liters
Transmission 6-speed Manual Transmission
Dimension 1.965 x 800 x 1.065 mm
weight 166 kg
Engine Lubrication Electric Starter
Clutch Type Multi-Plate Clutch and Assist & Slipper Clutch
Price ₱ 158.654,46

The Yamaha MT 15 offers optimal performance and torque and has a stocky and macho motor design.

The sporty exterior appearance and all the latest technological features that Yamaha has made the Yamaha MT-15 even more sophisticated and attractive.

The most advanced 150 cc engine, air-cooled 1-cylinder SOHC 4-valve 155cc with Variable Valve Actuation technology and Liquid Cooling System combined with a lightweight chassis delta box makes the Yamaha MT-15 have a power and torque figure that is not messing around.

So that’s the information about the best 200cc bikes in the Philippines. After listening to the information above, are you interested in buying it?

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