√ Honda XRM 125 Price Philippines ans Installment 2023

Filipinos who want to own an underbone basic commuter can consider the new XRM 125. This motorcycle has a rugged appeal in terms of looks and performance.

The motorcycle also offers the best for male riders in the Philippines.

XRM 125 Overview

Since you want to get this Thai concept, motard, underbone motocross from Honda, you need to know the specs of the bike first.

The motorbike comes with some details you should know before purchasing this motorbike. Below is everything about the new Honda XRM.

Variants and Colors

Honda XRM 125 Colors

Honda is providing four different colors for those who want to buy this off-road motorbike.

Those colors are ceramic gray, fighting red, aura blue, and dark green. Each color gives different look to the motorbike.

If you want to stand out, consider getting the fighting red variant.

XRM 125 Design

Honda XRM 125 Design

Another thing you should know about this motorbike is the set-up design, parts name, and brand-new style of this vehicle.

Unlike the other underbone bikes, the designers of XRM prioritize the bike’s function over form. This new vehicle has a very unique front design with a CRF headlamp.

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It has a sporty look around the headlamp. When you see the sides of the motorbike, you will see a sporty and slim design.

The pointy and sharp cowls make the motorbike look more aggressive. It also looks flashier with a cool sticker design on the body.

XRM 125 Braking & Safety

Honda XRM 125 Braking

The new XRM by Honda doesn’t have sophisticated safety features.

You may get excellent safety features if you are willing to get the latest version of 125 FI, modified design.

This means you need to modify the standard version of the Honda XRM so that you can get a more excellent safety system.

What makes the new XRM unique is the crash guards that Honda put on the motorbike’s handlebars.

The crash guards are handy when the motorbike experiences a head-on collision.

XRM 125 Ride & Handling

Honda XRM 125 Ride

The low weight and petite dimensions of this motorbike make the XRM by Honda become an easy bike to maneuver and handle.

The motorcycle has telescopic forks for the front while its rear part gets twin coil springs, just like many other conventional commuter motorbikes.

Speaking about the braking system of this motorbike, the XRM by Honda gets a disc brake with a simple setup for the front side and a drum brake for the rear side.

XRM 125 Features

Honda XRM 125 Features

  • New CRF-Inspired Headlight & Winker
  • New Digital Meter Panel
  • New Techno Sport Decals
  • 125cc PGM-Fi Engine (Euro 3 Compliant) with Undercowl Protector
  • Pillion Step & Muffler
  • Spacious U-Box
  • Front Disc with Stylish Alloy Wheels
  • Handle Bar and Knuckle Guard

XRM 125 Specifications

Engine 4-Stroke, Single Over Head Cam (SOHC)
Displacement 125 cc
Bore x Stroke 52.4 x 57.9 (mm)
Starting System Electric & Kick
Transmission Type 4-Speed, Constant Mesh
Suspension (front) Telescopic
Suspension (rear) Swing Arm
Brake Type (Front) Disc Brake
Brake Type (Rear) Drum Brake
Tire Size (Front) 2.50 – 17 43L
Tire Size (Rear) 2.50 – 17 43L
Suspension Rear WP APEX – Monoshock
Wheel Type Wire Spoke
Wheelbase 1,239 mm
Overall Dimensions: L x W x H 1,933 x 833 x 1,049 (mm)
Curb Weight 102 Kg
Battery Type 12V 3 Ah MF-Wet
Engine Oil Capacity 0.9 L
Maximum Power 7.12 kW @ 7,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 9.55 N.m @ 6,500 rpm
Gear Shift Pattern Rotary (N-1-2-3-4)
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Honda XRM 125 Price Philippines

Those who are interested in purchasing this XRM motorbike through installment need to prepare enough downpayment.

The minimum downpayment you should prepare will be PHP14,200.

With this downpayment, the installment per month will be PHP1,215 and it will finish in 60 months.

XRM 125 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable price Too basic as a package
Compact dimensions for easier handle  


You may also want to know the answers to several questions.

Below are many questions from many people who want to know all details about the motorbike. 

How much is XRM in the Philippines?

The price for Honda XRM 125 in the Philippines is PHP70,900. You can buy it in installments after applying for a loan from the nearest Honda dealer in any city in the Philippines.

How much is XRM 150 in the Philippines?

If you want a better price with bigger cc, you need to consider Honda XRM 150. Since it has a bigger cc and better performance, the price will be higher as well. To get this motorbike, you need to pay at least PHP94,900.

What is the stock tire of XRM 125?

When you buy the standard version of Honda XRM in the Philippines, you will get a 2.50-17 M/C 33L tire for the front wheel. And the rear wheel has a 2.50-17 M/C 38L tire. The wheels type of this vehicle is a spoke wheel.

It is crucial to compare the latest XRM 125 with some other similar vehicles. You need to know what makes this motorbike more special than its competitors.
Use all details above when you are going to compare the XRM with any other motorbike.

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