√ Harley Davidson Fat Bob Price Philippines & Installment 2023

Harley Fat Bob Price Philippines starts at around ₱1,410,000 to ₱1,620,000.

This iconic motorcycle from the American brand Harley-Davidson has gained a loyal following thanks to its bold design, powerful engine, and agile handling.

In this article, we will take a closer look at one of the best motorcycles in the 200cc class.


Harley Fat Bob is an explorer’s motorcycle produced by the iconic American brand Harley-Davidson.

With its bold design and powerful engine, Fat Bob has gained a loyal following among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Variant and Colors

Harley Fat Bob Variant

Harley Davidson Fat Bob is available in several variants, including Fat Bob 114 and Fat Bob 120.

For the color options themselves are available in a variety of colors, including black, silver, and red.

Harley Davidson Fat Bob Design

One of the salient features of Fat Bob is its design. It has a muscular and aggressive look that is sure to attract attention wherever it goes.

Like most Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Fat Bob has a wide handlebar and low seats, providing a sporty and upright riding position.

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The bike also has wide, thick rear tires and a sleek fuel tank, adding to its increasingly bold appearance.

Harley Davidson Fat Bob Braking and Safety

Harley Fat Bob Braking

For its own safety features, the Harley Davidson Fat Bob is equipped with dual-disc brakes in the front and single-disc brakes in the rear that provide powerful and reliable braking power.

The bike also has an ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) that helps prevent the wheels from locking during hard braking and reduces the risk of slipping on the road.

Harley Davidson Fat Bob Ride and Handling

Harley Fat Bob Ride

The Fat Bob is powered by a powerful engine that delivers smooth, effortless acceleration.

The bike has a responsive suspension setup, which helps to provide a comfortable and controlled ride.

The Fat Bob’s wide handlebar and upright riding position give it a nimble, agile feel, making it enjoyable to ride through tight city streets or on winding back roads.

Harley Davidson Fat Bob Features

Harley Fat Bob Features
  • Bold, aggressive design
  • Wide handlebar and low-slung seat for a sporty riding position
  • Powerful engine and responsive suspension for a smooth ride
  • Dual disc brakes and ABS for strong, reliable braking

Harley Davidson Fat Bob Specifications

ModelFat Bob
Engine TypeV-twin
Displacement107-117 cubic inches (1746-1923 cc)
Horsepower94-120 horsepower
Torque116-124 ft-lbs
Fuel Capacity3.5 gallons (13.2 liters)
Fuel Economy45-50 mpg
Seat Height27 inches (68.5 cm)
Weight (wet)687-697 lbs (312-317 kg)
Front Suspension43 mm inverted forks
Rear SuspensionEmulsion shocks with adjustable preload
Front BrakeDual disc brakes
Rear BrakeSingle disc brake
ColorsBlack, silver, red

Harley Davidson Fat Bob Price Philippines

Harley Fat Bob Price Philippines starts at around ₱1,410,000 to ₱1,620,000.

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These prices may vary depending on the location and availability of the motorcycle.

If you want to buy a Harley Davidson Fat Bob in installments, you may be able to find financing options through authorized dealers or through banks and financial institutions.

This means you have to meet the terms and conditions of this installment plan, including the down payment and the amount of the monthly payment.

Pros and Cons

Bold, iconic design that stands out on the roadExpensive compared to other cruiser motorcycles
Powerful engine with smooth, effortless accelerationPoor fuel economy
Comfortable, upright riding positionHeavy weight may make it difficult to maneuver for some riders
Wide range of customization options available through Harley-DavidsonLimited storage space due to the small size of the saddlebags
Good build quality and reliable performanceSome riders may find the vibration at higher speeds to be uncomfortable


What is Top Speed of Harley Fat Bob?

The top speed of the Harley Fat Bob will depend on the specific variant and conditions such as rider weight, wind resistance, and road conditions.
According to Harley-Davidson, the Fat Bob 114 has a top speed of approximately 110 mph (177 km/h). The Fat Bob 120 has a higher top speed of approximately 115 mph (185 km/h).

What is Fuel Compsumtion of Harley Fat Bob?

The fuel consumption of the Harley Fat Bob will depend on a variety of factors, including your riding style, the terrain you are riding on, and the specific variant of the bike.
According to Harley-Davidson, the Fat Bob 114 has a fuel economy of approximately 45-50 mpg (miles per gallon). The Fat Bob 120 has a slightly lower fuel economy of approximately 40-45 mpg.

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How Much Harley Davidson Fat Bob in Philippines?

Harley Fat Bob Price Philippines starts at around ₱1,410,000 to ₱1,620,000.

What years did Harley-Davidson make Fat Bob?

The Harley-Davidson Fat Bob was introduced in 2008 and is still in production. It has undergone several updates and revisions over the years, with new model years being released periodically.
The first generation of the Fat Bob, known as the FXDF, was produced from 2008 to 2017. In 2018, Harley-Davidson introduced the second generation of the Fat Bob, known as the FXFB, which is still in production.

In conclusion, the Harley Fat Bob is a cruiser motorcycle that offers a unique blend of style, performance, and handling.

Its bold design, powerful engine, and agile handling make it a great choice for riders who want a motorcycle that stands out from the crowd.

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